If this is your first visit to this website I just want to point out that you may see some areas of it that are unfinished. We are working on this during projects so please excuse it for now. We are slowly transitioning things from FPSPHOTO to here. Many that know me from my photography do not know that I have a team and just what all just are capable of doing and offer so we decided to start a new website to share all of that with everyone. We provide a wide array of services to meet your media, print and even technical needs. If you don’t know just ask call or email anytime. My team and I are full of information and are all eager to work with you doing what we enjoy and have learned over the years so. Please look over the website. Again, things are a bit unfinished and we will soon have that more organized. We will have specials coming soon too, so be sure to check for that on the home page from time to time too. – Matt