If you wish to be able to supply a professional photography service to your clients then you have come to the right place! Break free from the factory and untrained alternatives in the area. It’s the experience and hands on direct work from ShutterSpeed Studios that can take care of all your true real estate photography needs. We bring studio quality work directly into the home of your clients. Why should you settle for anything less?


 If possible plan your shoots a few days before you have to list. That will provide us with plenty of time to edit properly and yourself enough time to get it listed so that either of us aren’t rushed and we make a lasting impression on your client and potential buyers. 

Professional Real Estate Indoor/Outdoor starting at $150.00 – Indoor/Outdoor shoots include as many photos as we need to take to showcase your property. Dusk shots available as well. We go that extra mile to ensure your photos are at their best even if it requires us using your vacuum for those all so pleasing marks in the carpet that add freshness to a picture.

Aerials Photography starting at $125 – Same Day service is available if we are in the immediate area of your needs, but next day service is standard in most cases. For best results let us know 24-48 hours prior to your needs. This allows us to work with the weather, or plan for any cool sunsets, sunrises or lighting effects that we could possibly capture to enhance the look were trying to capture.

Photography Pricing

Under 2,000 sq. ft: $150
2,000 – 2,999 sq. ft: $175
3,000 – 3,999 sq. ft: $200
4,000 – 4,999 sq. ft: $250
5,000 – 5,999 sq. ft: $325
6,000 – 6,999 sq. ft: $425
7,000 – 9,999 sq. ft: $525
10,000+ sq. ft: please call

Twilight Photos

Under 4,000 sq. ft: $150
4,000 – 5,999 sq. ft: $200
6,000 – 9,999 sq. ft: $275
10,000+ sq. ft: $350

Lot/Land Photos

$125-$250 depending on custom quote

Virtual Tours

$30 – We can upload and setup your images to your tour subscription and MLS feeds for you.

Neighborhood amenity/park photos (aerial images available but require permission from owner, association, or appointed park represented


Cancellation/Rescheduling Fees

Cancel or reschedule in less than 48 hours: $50
Cancel or reschedule in less than 24 hours: $75

Return Trip Fee


Request a Quote

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    • Hassle-free workflow – we show up when you do or simply contact us before the shoot or provide us with the clients details and we will call them to arrange a suitable time..
    • Quick turnaround – images from the shoot are ready for proofing in 24 hours in most cases depending on quantity, or even earlier by special request. Granted we didn’t take tons of photos. We try to schedule our shoots accordingly.
    • Easy image supply – images can be supplied quickly for web use as low res via email, or at high resolution to allow them to be used in printed advertising media, CD/DVDs can be supplied as well if needed. 99% of the time we use dropbox.
    • Friendly professional photographer  – who are easy to liaise with for both you and your client. The one thing we notice aside from bad images that most of you experience now is the need to just move items out of the shots or fix items such as lamp shades, blinds, pillows and beds. Be prepared to see us move furniture or items that aren’t needed or are possibly distracting to your audience. We will leave your home so it gives not only the agent their walk walk through but tells a story on why the next person should love it.
    • Professional quality photographs – “Professional” this means you get accurate, true to life images. All this to help you and the client create more interest in the property, faster.
      We also do not charge by the number of images taken or the style used to capture the photograph. We do what we have to do to showcase the entire property. Unlike the inexpensive alternatives for photography like factories, we don’t take a random wide angle lens into a house without knowing composition. They provide images that look distorted, grungy or give false livable space and that’s just not how it’s done. We take pride from capturing the photo to our processing methods in Photoshop to provide your clients with true to life photos with beautiful detail. We take the time to ensure greatness and give you piece of mind knowing your marketing images are the best. We also use high end Canon equipment and L series quality lenses that produce crisp and colorful images.
    • Experienced staging and design – inside, outside and room by room we can assist you in the perfect placement of your furniture and accessories and provide helpful advise on where to get the best deals should you need some extra “stuff” to make your pad show worthy… We won’t hesitate to make each shot magazine worthy if we can.
    • WE OFFER(free of charge) – if all the technical stuff confuses you, don’t worry were here to answer any questions you may have and for free too. We want to make sure your always on top of your game. Let’s face it we want you to sell your homes. So we can shoot more for you….


These are just some of the advantages you will experience when dealing with Shutterspeed Studios. Give us a call today and find out how our services can benefit you!