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Selling a Property, not your home

Look at your property from the buyer’s perspective. They most likely have a different style and taste in home decoration then you. They see different potentials in the property, and imagine how their belongings and lifestyle can fit with the property. This is why it is best to de-clutter and depersonalize as much as possible. Keep it clear, clean and simple – so they can imagine themselves in there. Note I am saying property and not home. This is because when you decide to sell your house, you need to stop looking it as your home and start looking at it as a property you want someone else to buy.

There are a lot of really simple things (often cost free) you can do to tidy up a property and sell it quickly.

Briefly, you will need to:

  • Tidy up the front garden and the approach to the property – first impressions count! Clear all clutter, and this includes kid’s toys, trinkets, and your collection of cute hedgehogs.
  • Clutter can make a room look very small as well as messy, so make sure all surfaces are clear, including the floor.
  • De-personalize by removing almost all photographs, people need to be able to imagine themselves in the property.
  • Try and color co-ordinate a little, if you have a green sofa and a pink fluffy rug, remove the rug and anything with colours that clash – note this shows the floors you have hidden away.
  • Clean and then clean again and if you have time, clean a bit more! The most important rooms are the living areas, kitchen and bathroom, so these especially need to be spotlessly clean.
  • If you can make your bathroom look as unused as possible then so much the better – remove bath towels, and floor mats.
  • People like to see rooms with a clearly defined purpose, so if you have a study that is a child’s playroom containing a dining table and a television, decide what the room actually is and remove anything that causes conflict. If you can’t beat em, join them .
  • Does anything need repair? Do the little paint touch ups, and tidy fixtures and whatever needs to be finished –before the photographer comes, and well before buyers start inspecting.

You can sell your property fast if it is fairly priced and any prospective buyers can see themselves living in the property. So it is up to you clear the clutter and clean that

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